Mahwah Fire Company 1: 2019 Calls For Service

As 2020 begins volunteer firefighters of Company 1 invite you to see all the calls for service that we responded to during 2019 This year the total was 426, which was an increase of nearly 20% from the previous year. The majority of these calls took place within our township, but we also responded to the neighboring towns to help out our fellow firefighters and their residents.  1 Animal Rescue 5 Runaway Boilers 8 Brush Fires 5 Burning Smells 4 Burning Utility Wires 2 Chimney Fires 1 Citizen Assist 17 Carbon Monoxide Alarms 22 Dispatched Structure Fires 3 Requests For The Dive Team> 1 Down Tree 1 Dryer Fire 24 EMS Assists 2 Electrical Issues 10 Elevator Rescues 9 Extrications 197 Fire Alarms 3 Fuel Spills 51 Gas Leaks 4 Grill fires 1 Kitchen Fires 6 Mutual Aid Requests For A Fire 1 Mutual Aid Requests for a Rescue 2 Mutual Aid Requests For the Fan Boat 1 Oil Spill 1 Search And Rescue 17 Smoke Conditions 1 Sparking Utility Wires 10 Smells Of Smoke 1 Stand-By 6 Working Fires 1 Vehicle Into A Structure 1 Vehicle Fire    As always, the completely volunteer members of Fire Company 1 and the rest of Mahwah Fire and EMS are ready to respond 24 hours a day 7 days week.

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